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Mind & Body Birth Preparation

By using self-hypnosis and relaxation in pregnancy you can -


  • Increase feelings of well-being, while lowering your stress levels

  • Deal with anxieties and feel more confident - now and into the future

  • Cope better with the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy

  • Manage fatigue - relaxation techniques are great for renewing your energy levels

A calmer pregnancy

By using self-hypnosis to prepare for birth, you can -


  • Feel more prepared to give birth the way that is right for you

  • Learn effective ways to work with your body to maximise your pain-relieving endorphins, while using hypnosis to lower your perception of pain 

  • Overcome fear and concerns about birth 

  • Learn effective breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to enhance your​


In addition, your birth partner will gain-                                                                                                                   

  • A full toolbox of techniques to help you through all stages of labour

  • An understanding of the birth process and what you need

  • Easy, effective ways they can quickly calm you in labour

  • Stress management skills they can use in everyday life, well beyond birth 

Enhance Your Birth Experience

I will work with you to create the course you need to ensure you have the best experience. My courses are not a one size fits all or standard course. I like to utilize a number of techniques including confidence building, natural pain management and boosting trust in the body's abilities. I make sure you are able to approach birth with a full set of skills to get you through any situation, and do not promote any particular type of birth. I have supported women through all types of birth including caesarean. I will help ensure you have all you need to cope with whatever path your birth takes on the day. I also have first-hand experience of this - as a mother of four, I have experienced birth with and without the techniques of Hypnotherapy.

Not your average classes!

Prepare for labour & birth using effective techniques to enhance your birth experience.

Birth Preparation Classes

A selection of stories from previous clients, showing many different types of birth.

Birth Stories

If you are having a caesarean birth, these techniques will still be highly effective

Caesarean Birth

A half day express course option. Ideal as a refresher, or for ladies who want to attend without birth partners.

Express Birth Preparation Course

With thanks to Laura & Anthony for sharing the personal journey of their home birth.

Home Birth Video Story

Hypnotherapy for a number of issues such as anxiety, phobia, fears, and much more.

1-1 Hypnotherapy