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 Birth Preparation with Self-Hypnosis

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A practical, down to earth course. Available for the time being as a private session via zoom or skype. 


Practical Preparation

We focus very much on both your mental and physical preparation for labour. We take a look at how the hormones of labour work, and how to maximise their effectiveness.


You'll learn how to make your birth environment work for you. We look at ways to lower adrenaline and fear. You address any fears and concerns and learn effective ways to manage them. 

Labour Education

We take an in-depth look at labour.

We discuss what you may experience physically and emotionally during labour - as well as many practical comfort techniques you can use in all stages.


Birth partners have a full understanding of what may happen, with a lot of techniques to put to use to help you.

Birth Planning

You will plan together with your birth partner how you will use all your techniques. You both leave the course with a good understanding of the mechanics of birth and a toolbox of techniques to see you through the physical and emotional challenges.

Self - Hypnosis

You will learn all about self- hypnosis and how effective this can be for labour and everyday life!

You have the chance to practice the techniques of self-hypnosis, guided visualisation and mind calming.

This is nothing like the hypnosis you see on TV - it is safe, effective and feels very relaxing!

If you are normally the sort of person who finds relaxation difficult then we adapt things to find what works for you as an individual. 

Breathing for Labour

Together with your birth partner, you practice effective breathing techniques for labour. Partners are shown how to quickly and easily calm your breathing too.

You are both shown rapid adrenaline release triggers, and ways to calm your mind.

We discuss rapid methods of hypnosis, so you can instantly take yourself into a relaxed state of mind whenever you need to

Birth Partners

Birth partners are taught many ways they can help during labour. We keep the course very informal and down to earth. Partners go away with a full range of skills to support during labour. They always tell me they loved the course and it was much better than their expectations.

Hormones of Labour

We discuss the hormones of labour and what can help and hinder them. We cover ways to make your birth environment work for you so that the body is able to work effectively.


We show you how to maximise the endorphins which are the body's natural pain relief, as well as lowering adrenaline and other stress hormones.

Relaxation & Mind Calming

We cover many effective ways you and your birth partner can stay relaxed and calm in labour. We look at what to do when things get tough, and how to deal with changes in plan and any unexpected events.

Comfort Techniques

Ladies thinking about what might comfort them in labour, as well as what might make them uncomfortable.


We cover ways to make the birth environment work for you.

What is Included

Effective Birth Preparation book. 

Hypnotherapy MP3 downloads to take home which can be personalised to you.

Course pack including lots to take away to enhance your self-hypnosis practice.

Ongoing phone or email support and access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support if required.

When & Where

Group courses are held monthly at Gisborough Hall, 4 star country house hotel situated on the edge of the North York Moors. 


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