Jo & baby Oliver James - relaxed birth and sceptical partner changes his mind and decides hypnob

I decided to use hypnobirthing after touching on it with my first son Jacob, learning how to control my breathing through contractions helped me deal with the pain.. So with Oliver, I looked out for hypnobirthing and found Claire on Facebook. Claire's classes I attended Claire's 4 week sessions and learnt so much about birthing naturally and trusting your body. I found the classes so relaxing and interesting and become excited for my birth. Oliver Jame's birth I stayed at home mainly in the bath until I was 4cm dilated. I wanted a waterbirth from day one, no pain relief, relaxed, dim lighting with Maggie playing in the background. That's exactly what I had! It was the most amazing bir

Rachel & baby Ruby, 2nd baby, 9lb 6oz!

I decided to use hypno birthing because my first baby was huge at 9lb 9oz, I was anxious and wanted to be calm about the possibility of another big baby. I am also a fan of natural help rather than medical interference. Claire's classes I absolutely loved going to the classes. I attended weekly group classes which were brilliant. A chance to chat to other mums to be and I found them very informal and hugely relaxing. Ruby's birth The birth of my baby was an absolute incredible experience. Very calm and controlled through breathing listening to a bit of maggie Howell and my favourite ed Sheehan playlist. I arrived at the hospital 7cm dilated after giving out Mother's Day gifts to my Mam!! (Wh

Vicky & baby Harriet - 2nd baby, relaxed birth within 20 mins of arriving at hospital!

I decided to use hypnobirthing for my second child as I had a long labour with my first. I was in hospital for over 15hours and I felt I had no control of what was going on. Claire's classes The classes were excelllent and very relaxing. They helped me understand the different stages of labour and how to use different coping techniques. I met some lovely people who all had similar anxieties. Harriet's birth Using hypnobirthing made a massive difference to my labour. I was shopping at teeside park and having tea out with my friends thinking the contractions were just braxton hicks. When they started coming every 5 minutes I realised it must be the real thing! I was able to stay at home withou

Danielle & baby Alfie

Birth with first son wasn't what we expected and what started off as a low dependency relaxed labour turned into quite a traumatic experience. Claire's classes The classes were really relaxed and in depth of different scenarios that may or may not occur in birth and the honesty and stories of other people's experiences were good. Alfie's birth The results with the birth of my second son after using hypnotherapy were great. It definitely helped with breathing through my contractions and focusing on positivity. I had a really good birth. After the birth I was out the same day with my second son and up on my feet as normal. Where as with my first son I was laid up for a few weeks and didn't get

Suzanne's birth story 10lb!! No intervention, no pain relief.

I thought I'd share my birthing experience as I had a very good birth and wonderful delivery. I thought my waters had broken Friday morning at 7.30am, however as this was my second baby I knew I had 24 hours to see if anything would develop into full labour. I started listening to Maggie Howell and using my birthing ball. However I wasn't having much pain and decided at 3.30pm I would go and get checked. I was sent home, my waters had not broken. However I started having contractions and by 10.30pm thought I had better get assessed again. I took 2 paracetamols and had my tens machine on. I was 4/5cm dilated and taken to the Marton Suite. Listening to Maggie, sat on a birthing ball , walking

Marina's birth story - calm forceps delivery

Just to let you know had my baby this morning. Waters broke yesterday at 7.30 went to hospital got checked and was then sent home. Focused all day at home retuned to hospital at 2am this morning to be told I was 9cm dilated. Midwife could not believe how well I was doing as I was so calm. I got booked in and taken to Marton suite, midwives could not believe how calm, quiet and focused I was. I had agreed for a student midwife to be present as they thought it would be good for her to see someone using this birthing technique and I didn't mind. This lovely girl said she had never seen anyone so calm and focused. I started with a water birth but this has to be stopped as baby wasn't coming fast

Claire - unexpected home birth!

Hi Claire, I just wanted to share my Birth Story with you. My contractions started at 4:30pm on 13/04, I went to the delivery suite at 11:30pm with contractions 3 minutes apart, I was 3cm and my contractions had slowed so I was sent home. I went to bed and slept only waking 4 or 5 times to deal with a contraction and then fell straight back to sleep. We woke at 8am and got dressed I was now having regular contractions and starting to feel I needed help. We called the delivery suite at 8:46am who said to come back in, I walked downstairs had a contraction and told my Husband I couldn't make the journey to the hospital. We called an ambulance at 9:00am and my Husband delivered our Son at 9:08a

Emma, Sebastian & baby Santiago

Hi Claire, Just wanted to let you know that we welcomed a little boy into the world on the 17th Jan at 2.02pm weighing 7lb14oz. I woke at 4am that morning thinking i had trapped wind. We got to hospital at 7am, still not knowing if i was in labour or not. I was then examined and was 6-7cm! By 8:30am contractions were coming with only a 10 second break due to him being back to back. The midwife broke my waters at 12:00 and he was born at 2:02pm. I only had gas and air and didn't ask for drugs once Sebastian says he was amazed by how calm i was. He was wonderful at keeping me calm and slowing down my breathing, I'm certain your day with us was invaluable in helping us through this amazing expe

Michelle & baby Gabriel Isaac - forceps delivery

I knew I needed to try Natal Hypnotherapy once I found out I was pregnant as I hate needles / medical situations and don't consider myself to have a high pain threshold at all. I knew I would panic and freak out in labour if I didn't take steps to overcome my fears. Through practicing Natal Hypnotherapy (x2 birth preparation workshops, reading the Effective Birth Preparation book and listening to Maggie Howell's CD's - which always sent me to sleep!) and also attending Claire's weekly relaxation classes from 11 weeks to full term, I hoped I could change my mind-set and not fear giving birth. Leading up to the birth I did wonder if all of my preparation would actually work. I hoped it would b

Shemanara's baby boy!

"I used the ball at home each time I had a contraction, it eased off what I was feeling. Throughout my birth, I tried to use or remember places (visualisations) to relax me, I remember some kind of calm words or thoughts, something like my baby will be here soon. I gave birth to him using gas & air and paracetamol, I stayed in the bath using breathing techniques, but got out as my body took control. I've been told it was a good birth, I delivered him in six hours. I used lots of massages, think my husbands hands hurt doing a marathon massage! I thought of people close to me to take my mind off the pain, I think the techniques must have given me strength somehow." - Shemanara

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