Sarah & baby Libby -VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean)

I used Natal Hypnotherapy for the birth of my daughter. I had on/off contractions for about 2 and a half weeks before the birth and I used everything I had learnt with Claire which helped me to cope. When my waters went at 4pm on New Year's Eve, on the rug in the living room (not where I wanted to give birth) everything went so fast and pains were very intense every 2 mins, my body was pushing for me without me trying or wanting to. I was afraid I was going to give birth right there and then and for a while I lost my control. When we got to the hospital at 4.30pm and was examined, they found I was already 6cms dilated. While waiting for the pool to fill as I'd requested a water birth followi

Laura & baby Joshua George

Welcome to the world baby Joshua George, born 03/03/17 weighing 8lb 6oz. I have been catching up with baby Joshua and his Mum Laura, to find out how hypnobirthing helped them. Why Laura decided to try hypnobirthing After having a bad experience in labour with my first child I needed something to keep me calm. My friend had done hypnobirthing before and told me to try it - I was very sceptical! Claire's hypnobirthing classes I loved the classes they were so calm and relaxed. I attended the 4 week course and also the relaxation hour classes for 4 weeks before my due date - lots of information was given and I learnt different breathing techniques and how to keep calm. The birth I delivered Josh

Laura & baby Freddie

Lovely to hear from Laura & baby Freddie! Laura and her partner Stuart gained so much from the birth preparation courses. Laura's story also highlights how hypnobirthing can assist in the reduction of anti & post natal anxiety - something I have experienced myself in my first two pregnancies. Hypnobirthing - far more benefits than you imagine! Here is Laura's story, in her own words. Why I used Hypnobirthing Claire had been recommended to me by a few mums and professionals, to help me stay calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy and during my labour. I'm quite an anxious person, and thought anything that may help this was worth giving a go! Claire's classes Myself and my husband (Stuart) at

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