A question I get asked quite often is - can I still use hypnosis if my labour is induced? Yes! You definitely can. Here are some birth stories from women who have had their labours induced for various reasons - all still effectively using hypnotherapy.

Katie & baby Max


First baby, induction

I was determined to be as relaxed as possible throughout my pregnancy, in spite of having a very busy job, with lots of foreign travel

Claire & her classes were exactly what I needed!. I attended a number of relaxation sessions late in my pregnancy - I wish I'd found them earlier! We then attended the 2-day workshop a couple of weeks before the birth - it was jam-packed full of different techniques, the pace was great & we have all stayed in touch since!

Max's birth

My birth was not in-line with my birth plan (whose is?!) but I immediately said I would do it all again straight away. Following induction, I had a 2-day wait for Max to be born. Active Labour & delivery was just under 5 hours in total & I had 2 paracetamol only - after delivery & only at the Drs recommendation!


The biggest benefit for me in using the techniques, was helping to cope with the seemingly unending wait in the Induction Suite, as well as during a couple of weeks of post-birth complications. The Midwives were very receptive to me using Hypnobirthing techniques & were very supportive throughout. 


After the birth

I have used many of the techniques at various times (not always baby or parenting-related!) & continue to recommend the course at any opportunity! I definitely believe the relaxation techniques have allowed me to have a relatively relaxed start to motherhood & a lot of people say my calm approach is the reason why Max is so chilled out!

Zoe, Michael & baby Jasmine


First baby, Induction

I gave birth on the 7th of January to a beautiful girl that we've named Jasmine.

I got induced on Tuesday at 4pm started reacting to the pessary strongly but it wasn't doing anything to my cervix. They left me over night then decided to give me another pessary in the morning at about 6am. I used a tens machine to help me through the night as well as using my relaxation techniques learnt during the natal hypnotherapy course.

At 1pm I was 3cm and they managed to burst my waters.

I was having a fairly good time between 1-7pm things were going good it was going to plan I was relaxed managing with gas and air mum and Michael were massaging my feet using my birthing ball, tens machine and thinking of my special place (my granny's kitchen, the beach we got engaged at and our wedding venue) all things were very calm, but only got to 5.5 cm and babes heart rate started dropping.


They then tried to fit a monitor to her head but couldn't because of her hair. They then told me she was back to back so I asked for an epidural (as I'd been told back to back was a lot more painful and by this time if been contracting for 26 hours) it took them a while before the someone could come administer it. However when they eventually got it in I'd gone from 7 to 10cm she had turn while I was sitting and I managed to get her out within 45 mins so the epidural was none effective.


On the plus side I didn't need stitches and Jasmine is beautiful.


After she was here safely the midwife that helped deliver said in the 12 years she had practiced as a midwife she had never met someone who deserved a natural birth more than me, she said I was so calm and focused, I put it down to to everything I was taught.


Michael was also an amazing birth partner that felt like he has a place and did everything he could to make it the best experience it could be under the circumstances.


Thank you x


Zoe & Michael

Rachel, Michael & baby Mae Florence


Second baby, Induction due to SPD (pelvic joint pain)

I was induced one day early due to severe spd. As it was induction I opted for epidural after first labour was with forceps and no pain relief. My labour was 1hr 55mins and pain-free. I did need to use my hypnotherapy skills though for putting the epidural in and baby's heartbeat dipped and they were considering forceps and I also haemorrhaged once the baby was out and the emergency team ran in.

 I zoned everything out stayed calm at all times and listened and did what needed to do, no panic and was in control at all times.


My husband was in shock at how relaxed I was. Michael, my husband, used techniques he'd learnt from the workshop and even became involved in a conversation with medics about whether forceps were necessary. Luckily her rate picked up and I pushed her out on my own.


The emergency medical team even commented on how calm I was when 10 people ran in the room they were doing their thing and I was just staring at my newborn x


Although induction wasn't ideal and there were few little hiccups during, it was really my ideal labour. My main concern was losing control and panicking and still can't believe how relaxed I was.


Thank you, Claire, I'll be forever grateful, lots of love


Rachel, Michael, big sister Libby and Mae xxx