Claire - unexpected home birth!

Hi Claire,

I just wanted to share my Birth Story with you.

My contractions started at 4:30pm on 13/04, I went to the delivery suite at 11:30pm with contractions 3 minutes apart, I was 3cm and my contractions had slowed so I was sent home.

I went to bed and slept only waking 4 or 5 times to deal with a contraction and then fell straight back to sleep. We woke at 8am and got dressed I was now having regular contractions and starting to feel I needed help.

We called the delivery suite at 8:46am who said to come back in, I walked downstairs had a contraction and told my Husband I couldn't make the journey to the hospital.

We called an ambulance at 9:00am and my Husband delivered our Son at 9:08am a couple of minutes later the paramedics walked in.

Throughout the labour I had 2 paracetamols and listened to my tracks it was as close to the perfect birth as possible


Claire Reed

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