Jo & baby Oliver James - relaxed birth and sceptical partner changes his mind and decides hypnob

I decided to use hypnobirthing after touching on it with my first son Jacob, learning how to control my breathing through contractions helped me deal with the pain.. So with Oliver, I looked out for hypnobirthing and found Claire on Facebook. Claire's classes I attended Claire's 4 week sessions and learnt so much about birthing naturally and trusting your body. I found the classes so relaxing and interesting and become excited for my birth. Oliver Jame's birth I stayed at home mainly in the bath until I was 4cm dilated. I wanted a waterbirth from day one, no pain relief, relaxed, dim lighting with Maggie playing in the background. That's exactly what I had! It was the most amazing birth. The midwife told me afterwards that I inspired her to have children because I made it look easy! My birth took 6 hours. My partner come along to one of the sessions and was sceptical and thought it was a load of rubbish! His opinion has completely changed, he seen me give birth so peacefully and thinks hypnobirthing is fantastic! Xx After the birth After giving birth to Oliver I stayed completely relaxed and took everything in my stride. After I gave birth, I had a shower, had some rest and was home with my eldest son Jacob within 6 hours. It was a godsend honestly. Thank you so much xxx Jo & Oliver James Jordan 6lb 13oz 09.01.17

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