Marina's birth story - calm forceps delivery

Just to let you know had my baby this morning. Waters broke yesterday at 7.30 went to hospital got checked and was then sent home.

Focused all day at home retuned to hospital at 2am this morning to be told I was 9cm dilated. Midwife could not believe how well I was doing as I was so calm. I got booked in and taken to Marton suite, midwives could not believe how calm, quiet and focused I was.

I had agreed for a student midwife to be present as they thought it would be good for her to see someone using this birthing technique and I didn't mind. This lovely girl said she had never seen anyone so calm and focused.

I started with a water birth but this has to be stopped as baby wasn't coming fast enough. I Had to be moved onto high dependency. All I had taken at this point was paracetamol, gas and air and used a tens machine at home not even at the half way level.

Unfortunately baby wasn't coming so I was told I would have to have forceps or a potential caesarean. This did upset me but I was able to remain calm throughout. I had the baby by Forceps.

I did five of your classes, read Maggie's book I think three times and listened to her downloads Nearly everyday from week 32 I think.

Just thought I'd let you know how useful this skill was for me to learn.


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