Rachel & baby Ruby, 2nd baby, 9lb 6oz!

I decided to use hypno birthing because my first baby was huge at 9lb 9oz, I was anxious and wanted to be calm about the possibility of another big baby. I am also a fan of natural help rather than medical interference.

Claire's classes

I absolutely loved going to the classes. I attended weekly group classes which were brilliant. A chance to chat to other mums to be and I found them very informal and hugely relaxing.

Ruby's birth

The birth of my baby was an absolute incredible experience. Very calm and controlled through breathing listening to a bit of maggie Howell and my favourite ed Sheehan playlist. I arrived at the hospital 7cm dilated after giving out Mother's Day gifts to my Mam!! (Who was at my house already) I was calmly able to even choose my delivery room and I explained to my understanding midwife how important a hypno birth was to me. She listened to every word and helped me achieve this with very little interference.

I went into labour at 5am and Ruby was born at 1:16pm a perfectly huge 9lb 6oz baby girl, on Mother's Day!! I used only gas and air and deep meditation through hypnotherapy.

After the birth

Postnatal I continued to use the hypnotherapy in my after care (a few stitches) then again when my body was contracting down to size whilst feeding. Ruby is now coming up 2 and I still can use the relaxation techniques.

Thank you so much Claire love Rachel and Ruby xx

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