Suzanne's birth story 10lb!! No intervention, no pain relief.

I thought I'd share my birthing experience as I had a very good birth and wonderful delivery. I thought my waters had broken Friday morning at 7.30am, however as this was my second baby I knew I had 24 hours to see if anything would develop into full labour.

I started listening to Maggie Howell and using my birthing ball. However I wasn't having much pain and decided at 3.30pm I would go and get checked. I was sent home, my waters had not broken. However I started having contractions and by 10.30pm thought I had better get assessed again. I took 2 paracetamols and had my tens machine on. I was 4/5cm dilated and taken to the Marton Suite. Listening to Maggie, sat on a birthing ball , walking and moving around the room I was so calm and relaxed taking to the midwife and student midwife.

The midwife couldn't believe how calm I was, happy and in control!! She was telling me how amazing I was doing and how well I looked. At 3.30am she examined me and my front waters popped and I was ready to push!

My baby girl was born at 4.12am, weighing a healthy 10lb!! No intervention, no pain relief.

Claire, I would like to thank you for been part of your relaxation classes, I came to 5 classes and they really helped my stay focused and in control. I did use the techniques with my first baby 20 months ago but I needed a refresher course.

I would totally 100% recommend your classes , you have such a calming influence and this really helps anyone who is feeling nervous or anxious about giving birth.

If I was 10 years younger I think I would have baby number 3.

Thank you

Suzanne x

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