Vicky & baby Harriet - 2nd baby, relaxed birth within 20 mins of arriving at hospital!

I decided to use hypnobirthing for my second child as I had a long labour with my first. I was in hospital for over 15hours and I felt I had no control of what was going on.

Claire's classes

The classes were excelllent and very relaxing. They helped me understand the different stages of labour and how to use different coping techniques. I met some lovely people who all had similar anxieties.

Harriet's birth

Using hypnobirthing made a massive difference to my labour. I was shopping at teeside park and having tea out with my friends thinking the contractions were just braxton hicks. When they started coming every 5 minutes I realised it must be the real thing!

I was able to stay at home without any pain relief using the breathing techniques, distractions and affirmations. I had my little girl within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital with no complications. I used the breathing techniques when releasing the placenta and I didnt feel a thing.

After the birth

I now use the relaxtion techniques on a weekley basis to help me sleep.

Vicky x

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