Laura & baby Freddie

Lovely to hear from Laura & baby Freddie! Laura and her partner Stuart gained so much from the birth preparation courses. Laura's story also highlights how hypnobirthing can assist in the reduction of anti & post natal anxiety - something I have experienced myself in my first two pregnancies. Hypnobirthing - far more benefits than you imagine! Here is Laura's story, in her own words.

Why I used Hypnobirthing

Claire had been recommended to me by a few mums and professionals, to help me stay calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy and during my labour. I'm quite an anxious person, and thought anything that may help this was worth giving a go!

Claire's classes

Myself and my husband (Stuart) attended the two day course, and I went to the weekly evening relaxation classes. Although this was my second pregnancy, the two day course was so helpful for both me and Stuart! It gave us the opportunity to discuss and find out what our expectations were, from each other and the birth in general. We found what worked best for us, in terms of relaxation techniques and exercises Stuart could assist me with or initiate during labour. It also give him the confidence to recognise when to assist and when not too!

Freddie's birth

The two day course gave me a greater understanding as to what was happening to me and when/why. This helped me massively because I could relate my situation and what I could feel, to what I had learnt. Personally, having a greater understanding of what is coming eases my anxieties, and allowed me to stay focused and calm. I truly believe that a combination of the course and classes allowed me to remain calm and relaxed throughout my third trimester and during my birth. I had an amazing planned home birth with no medical interventions or pain relief.

I knew the hypnobirthing was working when my midwife arrived and started asking for an update of my situation and what had happened so far. It wasn't long before my labour became quite intense and I realised it was because I had stopped focusing on the techniques I had learned. Although this was the case, I quickly managed to regain control and it just demonstrated how effective it was.

After the birth

Aside from having my perfect birth experience, the following months have been the least anxious I have been in a very long time. Having severe pre and postnatal anxiety with my first born, it really scared me the thought of having to go through that again. But with the knowledge I have gained in the classes with Claire, I've been able to transfer it into my everyday life, using the relaxation CDs and strategies that work for me!

Thank you for your amazing classes!!! X

Laura, Stuart & baby Freddie

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