Laura & baby Joshua George

Welcome to the world baby Joshua George, born 03/03/17 weighing 8lb 6oz.

I have been catching up with baby Joshua and his Mum Laura, to find out how hypnobirthing helped them.

Why Laura decided to try hypnobirthing

After having a bad experience in labour with my first child I needed something to keep me calm. My friend had done hypnobirthing before and told me to try it - I was very sceptical!

Claire's hypnobirthing classes

I loved the classes they were so calm and relaxed. I attended the 4 week course and also the relaxation hour classes for 4 weeks before my due date - lots of information was given and I learnt different breathing techniques and how to keep calm.

The birth

I delivered Joshua just using gas and air and staying at home until I was 5cm, coping by listening to the MP3, using breathing techniques and visualisations.

With my partner attending one of the classes, he kept me calm by breathing with me and holding me.

After giving birth I got took off to theatre for a spinal as I had a 3rd degree tear. I initially panicked as I had been took to theatre with my first child, after panicking I managed to keep calm and thought of various affirmations whilst in theatre to get me through it.

I was in established labour for only 2 hours and 12 mins .

Thank you Claire for all your knowledgeable classes. I believe that without you I wouldn't of had a good labour, which I enjoyed this time around and was so proud of myself just using gas and air after having an epidural with my first.

I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone it's great 😁

Laura and Joshua George

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